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Helping students and youth discover their potential

Verika, in association with its knowledge partners launches a series of contests that can help students compete on some of the following initiatives :

Ideas that can change the world

Catching students young to catalyse and nurture the Entrepreneurial perspective within. Vertikaseeks to bring creativity and courage, imagination and initiative, to the students and youth of today, which will in later years put them on a trajectory of starting and running business ventures and social organizations.

Vertika announces an award of USD XXXX for the winner of the national award. A special jury has been constituted to evaluate contributions at a national level. The winners will be facilitated through a national award event.

Me and My Planet

Vertika launches a campaign to ingrain into students the proactive role they can play in spreading environmental awareness. Created to promote ideas through the digital canvas, this contest seeks to bring out our childrens perspective on environmental issues by encouraging them to express through innovative design, creative ideas and out-of-the-box solutions

National Olympiads on Mathematics and Quizzing.
About the IVEDU Platform

IVEDU is a platform for social learning and competing. It started with a mission to connect all stakeholders of a school on a single platform to help engage, connect, access information and aggregate learning. Today, this platform has metamorphosized into a lively, interconnected ecosystem for youth to engage, compete and showcase their talent.

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Vertika Super-Stardom Awards Event

Vertika launches the Superstardom Events Gala evening to facilitate students who win the national event. We will update you on the specific dates for this event.

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