Vertika Today

Vertika has seen a metamorphosis from a pure-play IT Services organization to a diversified professional services entity playing a leadership role in the Knowledge services space.

Vertika was formed with the single minded purpose of bridging the strategy-execution divide, and driving impact at all levels of the business and its community. We believe in a collaborative mindset, intuitive and simplistic methodologies, result orientation and a sleeves-rolled-up approach.

We specialize in creating value at every stage of the business life cycle and solving our stakeholders most challenging business issues with a cross-disciplinary approach. We thrive on our ability to deliver sustainable, bottom-line results.

Vertika is structured around four practices :

  • Management Consulting and Advisory
  • Employability Skills and Employment platforms
  • Education platforms and events
  • Specialized Knowledge Management Solutions

Our History

IT Products & Services
Vertika IPO
IT to Consulting
  • Vertika, took birth in 2005 from being the in-house IT services department of the Kandil Group, a diversified conglomerate across steel and glass, to a separate entity that catered to the IT needs of a growing Egyptian economy

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  • Vertika leveraged its prowess in IT services to build and launch an educational social learning and collaborative platform that serves the need of K12 value chain.

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  • In recent years, Vertika has progressed from being a pure-play IT services company to being a diversified entity across Consulting, capability building and sustainability through employability and education solutions and specialized knowledge management services

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  • Vertika went public on the Niles Stock exchange in December 2012. The IPO was a resounding success with a more than 50 times oversubscription.

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Vertika Timeline

Vertika’s evolution as a professional services organization is visually depicted in the timeline below

Vision and Value Systems

We have tried to list the value systems that anchor us towards helping solve client issues and transforming businesses; Hidden behind these words is the intangible, but very real ethos that fules the passion to partner with our clients in their journey to become into leaner, smarter and more agile.

Vertika's value systems

  • We think and act like business owners – by putting ourselves in our clients shoes, and never letting go the CXO’s big picture perspective
  • We don’t get intimidated by our clients dreams, in fact we encourage the dreams of a future reality. We then collaboratively work backwards to peg milestones around how we can get there
  • We do not allow ourselves to be satisfied with status quo and we continuously challenge our clients to expand horizons
  • We have a healthy cynicism for esoteric models and solutions that look good only in a power-point presentation. We like to measure ourselves through on-the-ground deliverables
  • We collaborate with our clients all the way. We have an execution mindset, that helps clients validate through a proof of concept
  • All that we recommendmust be sustainable, impact the business environment and ecosystem positively

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Our capabilities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep industry expertise, analytical rigor, and hands-on, collaborative approach. Our professionals see what others don't, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative, customized solutions. As a result, we have a tangible impact on clients’ top and bottom lines.

Our own best practices around Education and employability, help us to practice what we preach, by creating rigor and bottom-line focus to ensure that

Vertika lineage : Kandil group

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Our Vision

Nurture an ecosystem of cuttiing-edge enterprises within the Vertika organization, that leverage a confluence of capabilities around consulting, online platforms and education.

Simultaneously, enable our clients to become agile, high-performance businesses leveraging the same capabilities.