Vertika : Emerging Leadership in MEA for professional services and Management Consulting.

Emerging Leadership in MEA for professional services and Management Consulting

Vertika is poised to play a leadership role in the MEA region, as a Professional Services and Consulting firm. As a trusted advisor for leading businesses, governments, and institutions, we address wide ranging issues that are challenging CXO’s, policy makers and communities at large.

We unearth client potential and create business value by partnering with our clients on a journey of strategic renewal.

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How Vertika is addressing the Employability challenges in Egypt through Skills Development initiatives.

Building the Employability Quotient of Egyptian youth through a scalable Skills and Livelihood Development initiative that significantly enhances their earning capacity.

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The Nilex Frontier. IPO Readiness for SME’s - Insights from the Vertika experience.

Vertika went public in 2012 with its IPO at the Nilex stock exchange oversubscribed 50 times. The Vertika team has developed and collated key insights from its success journey.

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What´s new @ Vertika

Super-Stardom Awards – Engage, Equip, Compete to win

Vertika has embarked on a mission to use competitive events to propel students and youth in Egypt towards finding their hidden potential. Leveraging its online platform.

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Education & Employability

The job opportunities that are opening up do not necessarily require college degrees, nor do they demand an educational background beyond the reach of most job seekers. But they do require specialized skills that can only be attained through focused and effective training.

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Bridging the Skills Gap

The skills paradox is affecting many countries including Egypt– where employers are unable to fill hundreds of thousands of jobs, while the millions of educated youth remain employed, This comes from a major disconnect between educational institutions and the nation’s employers.

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